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Gelpell® technology

Satipharm CBD Gelpell® capsules contain full spectrum CBD hemp extract in seamless Gelpell® gelatine beads. This increases the bioavailability of CBD and the body’s absorption of cannabinoids. These Gelpell® beads are placed in hard gastro-resistant capsules ensuring the release of CBD in the small intestine, further improving the bioavailability. Consumers can be confident that they will receive the same dose of CBD every time a Satipharm CBD Gelpell® capsule is taken.

Other characteristics of Satipharm CBD Gelpell® capsules:

Satipharm has acquired the exclusive distribution and marketing rights for this Gelpell® Micro-gel technology for all cannabis-based applications. 

Gelpell® Microgel Process

The Gelpell® Microgel process produces gelatin beads which are approximately 2 mm in length and contain a payload of concentrated cannabinoids. The cannabinoids are bound and protected by a three-dimensional natural gelatin matrix. When ingested, the gelatin beads create a micro-emulsion which substantially enhances the oral bioavailability of the cannabinoids and helps ensure accurate and consistent doses. These beads are encapsulated and packaged under GMP protocols into 10 mg and 50 mg presentations.

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