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Satipharm is a health & wellbeing company which is specialized in the development and manufacture of cannabinoid-based products from the cannabis plant. The Satipharm manufacturing process is in line with the international standards of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). This ensures that Satipharm only provides products of exceptional, consistent quality, that are manufactured in a regulated, safe environment.

Satipharm believes commercialization of its signature Gelpell® technology for cannabinoid products will transform the company into a global leader in the medical and health-based cannabis industry. In 2019, Satipharm’s marketing campaign is focused on near-term growth and is distributed throughout the EU and Australia. The company is concurrently preparing to import its products into Canada. Satipharm is dedicated to growing its portfolio of delivery technology IP with further expansion plans targeting introduction of other formulations including THC.

For more about Satipharm and its CBD Gelpell® technology, visit www.satipharm.com

Satipharm CBD

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