Our Strategy


Focus on Recreational & Medicinal Markets


Harvest One is a well-financed, growth-oriented cannabis company focused on supplying Canadian and international medical and recreational cannabis markets through United Greeneries, its genetics and horticultural arm, and Satipharm, its medical arm. 



Our Horticultural arm


United Greeneries is a licensed producer for Canada’s medical and recreational cannabis markets. It owns and operates two growing facilities, one in Duncan, B.C. on Vancouver Island and one Lucky Lake, Saskatchewan.

-Duncan Facility

The Duncan Facility is the company’s prime growing facility located on 13 acres of land on Vancouver Island. The 16,000 square-foot Health Canada licensed producer facility and quality control laboratory currently has a production capacity of approximately 1,000kg per annum. This facility is currently undergoing significant expansion plans which with substantially increase production capacity. Phase 1 will increase the growing area to approximately 130,000 square feet and will cost approximately $9 million which is already fully funded. On completion of Phase 1 the facility should be able to produce approximately 8,500kg per annum. Further expansion plans through phases 2 and 3 will eventually give the facility production capacity in excess of 50,000kg per annum

-Lucky Lake Facility

The Lucky Lake Facility is a 62,000 square-foot secure production facility that sits on 18 acres of land wholly-owned by United Greeneries. It has potential production capacity of 12,000 kg per year and is currently in the late stages of its Health Canada Licensed Producer facility application.


Positioned for Growth

Deloitte estimates that supplying the low-end estimate for the recreational market will require the production of more than 600,000 Kg of cannabis annually. Harvest One will become a large-scale cannabis producer, targeting direct supply to the growing Canadian medical and recreational markets. 

In April and May 2017, United Greeneries completed its first two harvests at its Duncan Facility on Vancouver Island, yielding approximately 100kg of dried buds from the OG Kush strain. 

When the Duncan and Lucky Lake facilities are fully operational, they will have a combined production capacity of 62,000 Kg per year, making Harvest One one of the largest cannabis producers in Canada.



Our medical arm


Satipharm is a Swiss-based medicinal products developer focused on developing regulatory-compliant oral delivery technologies that have the potential to deliver safe, effective and measured doses of medicinal cannabis to patients. It owns global exclusive rights to its signature Gelpell technology for cannabinoid-based products. The first capsule product was developed in May 2015, and Harvest One has remained committed to providing novel treatment options throughout regulated markets globally. 

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Building success on a foundation of expertise

Our executive team is a dynamic group with a powerful set of complementary skills and an excellent balance of experience, qualifications and leadership qualities.  This team is supported by a management group with specialist skills in cannabis horticulture, pharmaceutical manufacturing providing Harvest One with a solid foundation of expertise on which to drive the future success of the company.