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Coming soon upon the approval from Health Canada!

 The following opportunities will be coming soon:


Operations Manager
Facilities / Maintenance Manager
Production/Packaging Manager
Packaging Supervisor
Shipping/Receiving/ order fullfilment Coordinator
Maintenance Assistant
QAP (Manager)
QA Assistant
QA Assistant: Regulatory/Records
Master Grower
Grower1 (Flowering Crops)
Grower2 (Moms/Veg/Clones)
Assistant Grower1 (Flowering Crops)
IPM Technician
Harvest/Trim Supervisor
Sanitation Supervisor
Dry/Cure Supervisor
Security Coordinator
Office Admin
Flowering Crop Crew
Mom/Veg/Clone Crew
Sanitation Crew
Harvest/Trim Crew
Dry/Cure Bulk Pack Crew
Packaging Crew


Please email your resume to careers@harvestone.com with the position title in which you wish to apply for in the subject line.”

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